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Protection of Health, Biosphere & Climate
by Clean, Sustainable Energy for All


Energy Impacts on the Economy, Environment, Climate and Health
Depletion and Conservation Scenarios of Finite Energy Resources
Energy Costing in the Total Economic, Social & Ecological Context
Clean, Renewable Energy Technologies and their Future Market Shares
Solar, Hydro, Wind, Wave, Tidal, Bio, Geothermal, Ocean Energy, Co-Generation
Energy Efficiency - Technical Solutions and their Economic Impact
Clean, Efficient Transport with Sustainable Fuels and Electricity
Global Energy Charter for Sustainable Development
International ISO, IEC & ITU Standards
Autonomous Clean Car, Bus and Trucks
The Biggest Clean Energy Project in History
The Ultimate Solution to avoid Nuclear Risks
Cleaner, Sustainable Buildings and Smart Grids
Financing for the Clean, Sustainable Energy Age
Implementation Steps for Sustainable Energy Economy

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resulting in the

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