Protection of health, Biosphere & Climate
by Affordable Clean, Sustainable Energy for All

Governing Board

Dean em. Gustav R Grob, F.Energy Institute, ISEO President & WCEC Chairman
Prof.Dr. Hussain Al-Towaie, Darmstadt, Dresden & Aden Universities, Vice Chairman

Al Gore, former Vice President, Nobel Laureate, USA
Claude Béglé, Dr. MBA, Swiss National Councillor, Symbio Swiss
Prof.Dr.Dr.hc. Christoph Stückelberger, President GLOBETHICS, Geneva
Me. Robert Cramer, Swiss State Council, former Geneva State Environment Councillor
Prof. Shi Dinghuan, former Counsellor of the State Council and SG of S&T Ministry, PRC
Prof. M. Munasinghe, ex-Vice Chair, IPCC who shared 2007 Nobel Peace Prize & Chairman, MIND
Dr Osman Benchikh, Chief of Section on "Capacity Building in Science and Engineering" UNESCO
Dr Philippe Roch, former State Secretary and Director of the Swiss Agency for the Environment
Hans-Josef Fell, ex-German MdB Energy Speaker, President of Energy Watch Group
Prof. Martin Beniston. Director, Chair for Climate Research, former IPCC Member
Roland Wiederkehr, ex-Swiss National Councillor, WWF, Green Cross Co-founder Ritesh Arya, ISEO Geothermal Energy Director, India
Ulf Bossel, PhD (UC Berkeley), ex-ABB, ALMUS AG
Urs Weidmann, Prof. Dr. Ing. ETH, Zug, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Jean-David Rochaix, Uni Geneva & Beijing
Abdolreza Metghalchi, ISEO SG, Iran